The Internet’s Not Finished Yet

Vint_Cerf_1973_verticalLast year’s revelations about the US government’s surveillance of online traffic were a wake-up call to provide better protection of user privacy and confidentiality — including the regular use of end-to-end cryptography at multiple levels in the protocol architecture. Vint Cerf, IEEE Fellow and vice president and chief Internet evangelist for Google, says that’s only the first step — an important caution from someone whose word is considered guru wisdom.  Widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet,” Cerf is co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the Internet architecture. In his role at Google, he is responsible for identifying new enabling technologies to support the development of advanced Internet-based products and services.

vint_cerf_and_robonautIn a recent article for IEEE Internet Computing, entitled “Unfinished Business,” Cerf writes that the use of all layers of security, including Transport Layer Security at the TCP and UDP layers or the Hypertext Transport Layer (HTTPS), should be re-evaluated to provide stronger protection. Furthermore, he writes, using public-key methods and cryptographic certificates doesn’t guarantee safe transmission of data because man in the middle (MitM) attacks have intercepted both the sending and receiving protocols, and certificate authorities have been compromised. For details on these and other important exposures and potential remedies he discusses, read the full article on the IEEE Computer Society’s website. Resource Links:


  • Millions of Clouds with thousands of species will break this ‘bind’ and create new levels of opportunity for ambiguity, anonymity, and far greater security through widespread data dispersion. This will then be compounded by ‘Clouds of Things’ and networks without infrastructure, providing variable bandwidths over relatively short distances. More transitory connection and sporadic communication patterns will complete the picture. Far less centralised activity will result and a domination of localised communication will make interception that much harder.

  • It’s worse than just “frustrating”…more like having smoke blown up your clacker to read of “because of last years revelations”….Is the Engineering group mesmerized?…utterly in denial? forelock tugging tintookies?…The US and Israeli governments have been engaged in deepest surveillance for over 30 years. They created and used for example, “Echelon” and “Inslaw Promis”. Willing participants of the Capital Banker Mayer Amschel Bauer’s diabolical new world order, accelerated for its closing era in 1994, have been active for some 300 years in lodges, organisms and governments. Inslaw Promis was sold to the Australian and American and numerous other governments to track all people’s electronic payments to surveil them, make decisions on their lifestyle and set them up for assassination where desired.

    The Mobile phone development assisted that assassination methodology and when discovering Israel’s evil plans in Inslaw Promis the US created its own version. Ari ben Menashe reported on that in “Profits of War” printed 1991. He sold the software world wide as did the USA and later became guilty in realizing how many thousands of people had been assassinated through his acts. His realization of the evil of Mossad grew.

    Refusing eventually to sign-off slush-fund cheques for the utterly debauched (as he describes) and sadistic psychopath-haven called Mossad his wife and child on holiday in Germany were killed by a truck. The truck driver ran to a waiting car and disappeared. One more to Mossad. Ari did not go under though.He fled to Canada. –

    Jailed for a year for no cause other than international political skullduggery to prepare for his likely whistle-blowing. He went to Australia while writing his book. On his leaving and returning Senator Hill, publicized by Ari in his book , refused him re- entry but threats to go to the high court saw him re-entered.

    Echelon has been around longer. It has key word checked every electronically sent message (as will be this one) and set people up for assassination as well as simply keeping files on and criminalizing anybody with the temerity to use such words. Spying by agents of lucifer has been an epidemic pursued over centuries and accelerated by the Capital Banker control of Governments which organized and financed as the French and Russian “revolutions “, the British invasion of America, WW1 and WW11.

    The Lodge has been significant in mayhem and communication between adversaries and the slowly emerging of the history of control of USA and Roosevelt in their demonic actions such as betraying thousands of troops to the Germans, murdering a whole submarine crew to ensure the attack on pearl harbor was not compromised, hijacked creating a fantasy story about the birth of “Israel”..which was in fact created in complete harmony between the Reich and Zionists from 1934 onwards to 1941 and collaborated against the allies.

    Kuhn Loebe significant in the organising and financing the Russian revolution and the murder of the Tsars and retainers is one of the 12 satellites of the Central Banker family and organism, outrageously given power over the USA and thus much of the world in the Jeckyl Island agreement of 1910 was formalized in 1913…just in time for profiteering WW1. With the world primed for it, two freemasons assassinated Ferdinand and his wife with predictable results. Kuhn Loebe emerges again in the “GFC”…to later another bank tax-payer rewarded for treachery. against them

    Post WW11 USA commenced its pursuit of espionage and accelerating the takeover of the New Order activities through creating LSD and distributing it, using it on unsuspecting victims and organizing ‘rock band’ entities to create a drug culture and turn emerging youth into readily machinated creatures of controllable hedonism. My own era produced some of the ‘initiating horrors of these Luciferian spawned organisms ….aka the “illuminati”.. the “Bilderbergers” the “committee on International Relations” “Israel” and numerous other power-broker sects dedicated to reducing most of us to totalitarian serfdom from which one can never escape owing to the control of human life.

    The words ‘suspected terrorist’ now “justifies” the spying upon torture or mass murder of anyone at all. In this, engineers who may well be our society bretheren, collude in creating systems which maybe, can be or will be used to spy upon, dominate and eradicate humans. Would one expect anything else from generations born into such governmental and financier power-broker machinations and deception as I was…we all were.

    I believe the IEEE should take a moral and ethical stance as, have written before, that instead of playing political games and pretending them a valid ethic about “I just invent…it’s not my business what others do with what I invent” and, instead ,refuse to engage in technology which leads to subjugation of the human race into any form of bondage or espionage or to refuse to service or further such systems which are being used for that purpose. We should relearn to use the words “we will not serve evil”

    I realize the issues and arguments about war and ‘terrorism’ yet we can still demand the highest levels of disclosure and ethical behavior before during and after creating systems which we can see, every day for decades have been used for espionage, assassination, oppression , dysfunction and cruelty. One must then look at systems for control of government which exclude the Central bankers and perhaps even completely asset strip the central bankers and reallocate international wealth. They did it to us by creating the “GFC” using their satellite bankers and other readily manipulated organisms, including the pandering Governments of other Nations.

    I leave it to you to investigate the financier control of the WW11 and the outrageous and uncontrollable behavior of IG Farben and its associates, GMH, Standard Oil and so on…. You might have your eyes opened to the problems we face today. We are of only three uses to Government…to work, to pay taxes for their benefit and largesse and to machinate and kill for them. Yes money is spent on us to promote their cause as seeming to be ‘good government’ but still we flounder and seek benefits vastly more than we need as ‘happiness” keeps eluding us. “Leadership” is no longer a bounty of good example and learning to live frugally but at peace.

    A very few people, from “inner sanctums” control billions of lives and murder millions with impunity. Espionage is their tool , one we engineers assist them in creating. Masochism?…a death wish?…insanity?….melancholy?….the loss of energy to fight oppression?…Faustian contracts?…one or all?

    Please…don’t show such ignorance of our world by referring-to criminal espionage as a recent event as though this is just a new TV series; Have a look at books from initiating periods such as Menashe’s (Profits of War) and Ostrovsky’s (The Other side of deception/By Way of Deception) Creighton (opJB”) to learn ‘the basis of today’s abominations and oppressiveness and rule by doctrinaire evil by puppets we elect from a powerbroker chosen selection of their men and women .

    There are many other books on reality including the creating of Marxism and National Socialism by men purporting to be adherents of the same power-broking, financier sect but these others books will even alone perhaps jolt you into reality about the history and depth of espionage, control and the pathological lying of the world’s “leaders” which accompany them pretending to seek “Peace”. They don’t want peace, There’s no excitement nor money in it. War is a guarantee of massive profiteering and further control to set up the next one….one has to stop and start wars or people will lose faith in those who create them.

  • I am not in the position of knowledge of the originator of this posting. But,

    To the point of Government performing some security functions on the internet for the users of the internet I feel that the US Gov’t should only be responsible for the security of its own assets/resources and each user should do the same for their own resources/assets. I do not see that we rely on the Gov’t to lock/unlock our homes or cars (and I am glad of that). So, I do not feel that we need to assert that they ensure security of the data of the internet users. This is primarily for two basic reasons:
    1) The Gov’t is a combination of humans and policies. I presume that the humans are as responsible as humans can be and thereby are not more or less trustworthy than any other human. Trusting safety to on a large body of humans who can point their finger at either one of the others within that body or at the policies seems to be the decision of a fool.
    2) The Gov’t is not responsible for the security of my email content; I am (and that may include agreements with other service providers I use/pay). So, we should not use our tax dollars trying to get this to happen.

    Secondly, related to Man-in-the-middle attacks…
    A ton of effort and money is being invested into Software Defined Networks (SDN). The general principal of SDN is that a single piece of hardware (box) can perform one or more of many different tasks. Which of the tasks it performs is determined by software. The selection or configuration of the choice of task that is performed can be done remotely. This means that any box can be reconfigured remotely by software. Sounds great except that reconfiguration can be done remotely and this is the panacea for MitM attackers. I assert that SDN is an excellent tool in a climate where all software users are “good citizens”. But, we are in the real world and they are not all such.

    Like my example of locking a car/home… what I feel is needed is some research/investment into making data security as safe and easy as using a brass key rather than wasting the money on an amorphous ideal of internet safety that can end up with internet users losing freedoms. “He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.” (Benjamin Franklin)

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