Did You Know? (May)


Are you in the loop?

In this section, we highlight upcoming technical activities, hot topics, and other recent happenings that are of interest to the IEEE community.


  1. The IEEE Entrepreneurship Exchange Community on IEEE Collabratec™ has quickly grown to over 5000 participants.  All may join this exciting community for free.  To join IEEE Collabratec, ™ see https://ieee-collabratec.ieee.org/ .
  2. The 2016 IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference will be held in San Jose, CA on 23-24 May. Find out more at:  http://ieee-wie-ilc.org/
  3. The IEEE Smart Cities Community is now live on IEEE Collabratec™. All may also join this exciting community for free.  To join IEEE Collabratec, ™  see https://ieee-collabratec.ieee.org/
  4. 2016 TAB Vice President José M.F. Moura has established an Ad Hoc on Africa to foster TAB activities there and to make TAB activities more global.
  5. The IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) portal contains a number of interesting and freely accessible webinars on IoT. See http://iot.ieee.org/education/webinars.html .
  6. Vint Cerf contributed a column on “Our Fragile Power Grid” to the March/April issue of IEEE Internet Computing magazine.

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