Did You Know? (December)


  1.  IEEE Collabratec™ recently celebrated its first birthday! During its first year since introduction, IEEE Collabratec attracted thousands of users, expanded its feature set, and stimulated the creation of a dozens of interactive topical
    communities. One especially active Collabratec community is the Smart Cities community, which now has over 5,000 participants – nearly the same size as the companion Future Directions Technical Community. Read more about the Smart Cities IEEE Collabratec community and new IEEE Collabratec features here. 
  2. The IEEE 3rd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT 2016) will be held on December 12-14 in 2016, Reston, VA, USA.
  3. The IEEE Smart Village initiative is undertaken through the efforts of volunteers and staff of the Power and Energy Society. It is supported by the IEEE Foundation as a Signature Program.
  4. Are you Eta Kappa Nu?  Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), the IEEE’s honor society, has its own Collabratec ™ community. If you would like to reconnect with HKN, join the HKN community and visit its discussions on reconnecting. The community is free and open to all.
  5. Whose Body Is It? The July 2016 issue of IEEE Consumer Electronics magazine explores our ethical rights as we add implants to our bodies.  The answer is nontrivial.
  6. “Prototyping Science Fiction” is the title of a column in the Aug issue of IEEE Computer magazine.  Are you up to the challenge?
  7. TAB Hall of Honor. During its November meeting series, the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) inducted Robert Rassa and Fred Mintzer into the TAB Hall of Honor.  Fred is our TA Spotlight Editor.

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