New Platform Provides Solutions for Communications Engineers

With designs becoming increasingly complex, practicing engineers are challenged with finding the information they need scattered across multiple sources. Sourcing relevant and trustworthy results are often frustrating and time-consuming.

IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications(™) aims to solve these problems by providing, on a single platform, a range of relevant, current, and reliable product design and development information, and ultimately, allowing them to improve their workflow.


●  Find answers to technical questions by referencing trusted, relevant content from multiple high-quality sources, including full-text IEEE publications.

●  Avoid time wasted searching multiple databases and find all the information you need—cutting-edge research, industry standards, parts & components, white papers, news and commentary, and more—in a single platform.

●  Easily obtain project-specific information by searching expertly curated content that covers every aspect of communications technology, including trending topics such as 5G, edge computing, big data, and more.

●  Discover practical industry data and solutions for real-world design challenges with resources tailored to support engineers in industry.


DiscoveryPoint accesses more than 1 million full-text research documents; over 10,000 technical standards; 7,500 online courses; 1,400 eBook titles; 18 million parts and various solutions from manufacturers and distributors; and 1,100 industry and product news bulletins, blogs, white papers, and more.

Content comes from a range of different organizations, including AT&T, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, F5 Networks, ITU Telecommunications, River Publishers, Qualcomm, Verizon, SMPTE, and more.

“There’s nothing on the market right now that fully supports the workflow of the design engineer and that delivers all the information needed in one place,” says Mark Barragry, senior product manager for corporate markets for IEEE Global Products and Marketing. In designing IEEE DiscoveryPoint, he says, “We reconstructed the work process of a product design engineer and put together a set of resources that meet all the information needs they would have during a standard product-development cycle.”


IEEE has a wealth of content for telecom designers, Barragry says.

IEEE publishes nine of the top 10 most-cited journals in telecommunications. More than 40 percent of the U.S. patents related to telecommunications cite an IEEE publication. The organization also sponsors more than 2,000 conferences, many of which focus on communications, networking, and broadcast technologies. And the IEEE Standards Association has developed more than 900 standards related to communications, including the popular IEEE 802.11 WiFi standard.

Barragry adds design engineers who tested the platform before launch said they liked that it came from IEEE, who they saw as a trusted source.


The results are organized into channels and categorized by type of material, such as research papers, standards, books, or industry news, to make it easier for time-strapped engineers to scan and discover content faster. For each search result, a  machine-learning feature examines the document and automatically generates a short summary of key points, so engineers can quickly determine what is relevant to the task at hand and what they can skip.

Over 30 curated Dashboards also provide quick access to current coverage of hot topics that engineers in communications need to understand and track, such as WiFi 6, cloud computing, IoT, and blockchain.


IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications has already added various new content sources to the platform including more news outlets, eBooks collections, and standards bodies. The tool will soon have a channel dedicated to content created by IEEE’s many societies and welcomes engagement from IEEE entities with relevant communications content to participate.

IEEE is also planning extensions of this product portfolio to other industries and is currently performing in-depth research into potential sectors and practicing engineer workflows.

Visit the IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications website to learn more about the platform and to request a demo.

Portions of this article were first published in The Institute on 21 June 2022:

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