A Message from Marina Ruggieri, 2017 Technical Activities Vice President (May)

Dear Colleagues,

In the first four months of the year,  the four Ad hoc Committees created to focus on the New challenging Topics, namely

  • IEEE at the North and South Poles (Chair: Adriano Camps, GRS)
  • IEEE in Food Engineering (Chair: John Verboncoeur, NPS)
  • IEEE in Dig Once (Chair: Bai Blyden, PES)
  • Design for Ethics (Chair: Greg Adamson, SSIT)

have started their activities though an in-person meeting at the February meeting series and some teleconferences.

The original composition of the group is continuously growing, embracing new Societies and Councils that are showing interest to contribute. This positive growth is due to the outreach activities that the chairs and members of the ad hoc and myself are doing to promote the topics, create the community and extending the activity to other major IEEE OUs and Committees.

In particular, I have been visiting some major OU Boards (so far MGA, PSPB, IEEE-USA) and region meetings in the last months:

  • Region 6 (3-5 February 2017, Los Angeles, USA)
  • Region 10 (3-5 March 2017, Chiba, Japan)
  • Region 8 (24-26 March 2017, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Region 3 (31 March-2 April 2017, Charlotte/Concord, NC, USA)
  • Region 7 (28-30 April 2017, Windsor, ON, Canada).

At each meeting, I was grateful for the opportunity to present TAB’s 2017 New Topics, while learning about the unique strengths of each IEEE Region and meeting with dedicated and passionate IEEE volunteers whose collaboration is key to the success of all of us.

I also had the chance to speak with many IEEE Young Professionals, and stress the importance of supporting this exceptional group. As they are the future of IEEE, creating opportunities for Young Professionals to participate in activities across the IEEE is crucial to the success of the organization.

I have made sure at least one Young Professional is appointed to each ad hoc committee, and this endeavor has been fruitful, as these members are intelligent, enthusiastic, and ready to contribute to the IEEE, making it a better place and ensuring a positive future. This is my opportunity to thank all of them for their great energy and support to the vision.

Furthermore, in the past four months, the TAB Ad Hoc Committee on (Re)-Connect (chair: Kent Coquette, PHO) has started its activities to support TAB members in dealing with and solving practical issues through a direct and communications-based mode.

Another ad hoc committee has been very recently created, thanks to a strong cooperation between Technical Activities (TA) and the IEEE Standards Association (SA), with focus on “SA/TA Strategic Alignment”. The aim is to increase and improve the quality of the dialogue, interaction, and cooperation between SA and TA and to develop a tighter and faster convergence between SA and TA that will support new topics and technologies in a bright and timely path forward from inception through the standardisation process.

This is a great opportunity to thank you all for the true passion, technical and strategic vision and great enthusiasm you are dedicating to the activities.  

I look forward to continue this exciting year with you.

Marina Ruggieri

2017 Vice President, Technical Activities


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