A Message from Vincenzo Piuri, 2015 Technical Activities Vice President (September)

Vincenzo Piuri, 2015 IEEE Vice-President Technical Activities
Vincenzo Piuri, 2015 IEEE Vice-President Technical Activities

Dear Colleagues:

In the second quarter of this year, IEEE Technical Activities continued to focus attention and efforts on nurturing our technical communities, their evolving needs, the underserved segments, and the emerging and interdisciplinary areas.

We are increasingly investing emerging technologies and making it easier for communities to aggregate and find their home in IEEE. We are working to identify emerging technologies and application needs as early as possible to always be on the forefront of technology innovation, by exploiting data analytics techniques and the terrific experts who are the engine of technical activities and innovation around the world. We are working on tools and services to facilitate the aggregation of technical communities and provide their world-wide recognized home in IEEE. This includes initiatives, opportunities for networking, meetings for exchanging ideas and circulating knowledge, publications that contain research behind technological innovations, and educational activities. These combined efforts help keep IEEE on the leading edge of technology

Nurturing our technical community worldwide is essential to ensure a comprehensive, globalized flow of knowledge and networking opportunities for everybody. We are a global technical community. Technical Activities strives to care for everybody, valuing all kind of diversities, encompassing technical background and interests, geographical origin, employment position, education, gender, age, and aspirations. We aim to be the technical home for engineers and researchers all around the world. But we are always reminded that we work and live in our local community, and therefore have local roots. This is why Technical Activities strives to nurture our societies’ and technical councils’ local chapters. Through them we are able to pervasively reach out and provide value to the technical community all around the world. In this perspective, Technical Activities strives to strengthen cooperation with all sister technical associations working both at global and local levels, since we respect and value local expertise and community traditions.  We aim to achieve  synergic cooperation for the mutual benefit of providing a channel for easing global outreach.

Volunteers and staff in Technical Activities are doing a terrific job to expand opportunities, events, services, and support for our global technical communities, as well as our local roots in chapters. Please visit the websites of your preferred societies and technical councils to learn more.

You can be a part of this global initiative: send us new ideas and needs you have. We can address them together. Please, contact us and become one of our valuable and active volunteers. Submit your ideas using the comments below. Let’s be the engine of technology and innovation. Let’s contribute to economic and social advancement. Let’s change the world through technological innovation for the benefit of humanity.

Sincerely yours,

Vincenzo Piuri
2015 IEEE Technical Activities Vice President


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