A Message from Vincenzo Piuri, 2015 Technical Activities Vice President (May)

Vincenzo Piuri, 2015 IEEE Vice-President Technical Activities
Vincenzo Piuri, 2015 IEEE Vice-President Technical Activities

Dear colleagues:

In the first quarter of this year, IEEE Technical Activities continued its efforts to address the evolving needs of our technical communities, focusing on the global technical communities as well as their local roots in chapters.

We strove to nurture more emerging technologies, emerging needs for technology and applications, and emerging needs for stardardization. In particular, we expanded or started activities across IEEE Technical Activities on the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Green ICT, Rebooting Computing, Smart Cities, Software Defined Networks, and much more. Each Society and Technical Council is continuously developing new topics which are specifically in their respective areas of interest. IEEE Technical Activities is working hard to maintain IEEE as leader in technology and innovation around the world.

We started engaging some communities which are interested in or are using our technologies even though they are not yet fully entangled within IEEE. In particular, we started focusing, coordinating, and expanding our activities in the area of environmental engineering, especially to support efforts directed to ensure a sustainable environment for the wellbeing of future generations.

We began analyzing how to better serve some underserved segments of our community in evolving modern scenarios. In particular, along with the Member and Geographic Activities Board and the Educational Activities Board, we are focused on young professionals and practicing engineers. Societies and Technical Councils will expand and coordinate continuous education offerings that will empower these professionals, help them advance in their careers, and stay up-to-date on technology and applications. We are also continuing efforts started last year to support entrepreneurs and empower them to be powerful engines of innovation and economic development.

Though we are doing much more, we cannot list and describe all our activities in one article. Please visit the websites of your preferred societies and technical councils to learn more, or to find out how to become one of our valuable and active volunteers.

But hopefully you won’t be too satisfied with the numerous opportunities within IEEE Technical Activities. We want you to have new ideas and needs that we can address for you and with you. Please, submit your ideas using the comments below. We can make your ideas a reality for better serving the whole IEEE community and, ultimately, humanity. Together we can make a difference in the world.

Sincerely yours,

Vincenzo Piuri
2015 IEEE Technical Activities Vice President


  • Thank you Vincenzo for your dynamic leadership of TAB
    We need such messages from time to time
    Many thanks for this outreach

  • I echo Anthony’s remark. One area I very much worry about is keeping IEEE “Technical Activities” fully engaged in – and with – pre-college education. In 1998, IEEE hosted the most phenomenal international symposium ever held on this topic, and the practices and the involvement that launched therefrom have served our world’s young people for a decade or more. One of our most familiar (today) outcomes was the now-ubiquitous “STEM” education concept.
    While IEEE’s presence in what we might call “Technical” activities is critically and viscerally important, it is the passion of our members, and their direct personal engagement with young people to experience the fun and the importance of engineering, that makes the most significant difference.
    A person’s very first exam in engineering is figuring out a way to roll over in their crib (about 4 months), and – soon afterward – a method to crawl across the floor. ENG-101 and ENG-102. IEEE is the ideal family – with our breadth of engagement – to encourage kids to pursue their innate passion for ingenuity (engine-uity) and to help us create and sustain a beautiful world. Reaching and enthusing young minds, around the globe, is a strictly technical activity, and we should never let it slip to the sidelines.

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