A Message from the 2019 Technical Activities Vice President

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your membership in IEEE. This year, through the work of volunteer-identified ad hoc committees, IEEE Technical Activities will position itself as an organization that is prepared to carry its members into the future. By examining the needs of IEEE members, as well proactively understanding a changing technical landscape, 2019 will be focused on building an IEEE best equipped to lead for many years to come.

TAB accomplished much to further its goals during the first meeting of the 2019 Technical Activities Board (TAB) Marriott Tampa Waterside Hotel, Tampa, Florida, USA on Friday, 15 February and Saturday, 16 February 2019.

In addition to hearing from 2019 TAB ad hoc committees designed to further IEEE’s engagement with both the entrepreneurial community, and with other global technical societies, TAB also approved the IEEE Accelerated Open Access Plan to provide Plan S compliant publications which meet their deadlines and allows for a timely acquisition of an impact factor.

A highlight of the recent TAB Meeting was the IEEE DataPort Workshop, which was held to ensure all TAB leaders could engage and help drive the IEEE Dataport strategy forward in 2019, and discussed data as the next big thing beyond IEEE Xplore™. Six break-out sessions were held to enable TAB leaders to discuss specific ways IEEE can address data needs in each of these areas:

  • Data Storage and Open Access
  • Data Needed to Support Academic Research
  • Supporting Industry Applications
  • Building Data Communities & Running Data Challenges
  • Enhancing Journal Papers & Conferences
  • How to promote IEEE DataPort

The breakout groups identified many benefits and differentiators that IEEE Dataport offers to both IEEE members and non-members.

I am certain those who participated in the TAB breakout session will join me in saying IEEE is proud to introduce IEEE Dataport, a new, valuable, easily accessible data platform that can significantly enhance your research efforts, and which is already being used by over 40,000 individuals across the globe.

Using IEEE DataPort™, you can upload and store datasets for free, independently of or in conjunction with paper submission to more than 64 IEEE journals already.

Further benefits include:

  • Backed by IEEE – reputable and trusted
  • Can store datasets indefinitely up to 2TB each
  • Datasets can be linked to Xplore articles (64 journals/magazines now integrated with IEEE DataPort)
  • Users can send email to dataset owners to provide feedback, make inquiries, collaborate, or provide feedback on a specific dataset
  • Integrated with ORCID; users can optionally have the IEEE DataPort dataset asset automatically added to their ORCID asset list
  • Fully integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to facilitate data analytics
  • Provides Digital Object Identifier (DOI) automatically for each dataset
  • Citations are formulated and provided in multiple formats for users
  • Metadata provided with each dataset and expandable; IEEE SA working to standardize metadata
  • Can support and facilitate Data Challenges
  • Can store and link related documentation – scripts, visualizations, related documentation
  • Fully integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to facilitate data analytics
  • Help meet funding agency requirements for data management

The platform is designed to accept all types of datasets, and it provides both downloading capabilities and access to Amazon Web Services to facilitate data analysis in the cloud. Learn more by visiting https://ieee-dataport.org

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to the IEEE Dataport team by visiting https://ieee-dataport.org/contact

I hope you will agree with me that IEEE Dataport can be a valuable capability to enhance your research efforts, because it could:

  • Establish personal impact and support research reproducibility by making your research data available with your research results
  • Enhance your individual research efforts using available datasets
  • Participate in an interactive data community
  • Store data indefinitely for later use

Thank you again for all that you do to make IEEE a vibrant community. I look forward to working with you this year as we work intelligently in the present to ensure the IEEE is equipped for the future.

K.J. Ray Liu

2019 Vice President, Technical Activities

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