Sections Congress 2014 Day 2



Technical Activities will have a lounge set up for the duration of the entire Sections Congress Meeting. This year’s lounge will provide visitors with the opportunity to engage and learn more about the Technical Activities team and mission.  You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to engage with a real live robot and chat with individuals on the future directions team. There will also be an opportunity to win an IEEE backpack by entering yourself in a raffle. Come stop by and get to know what we are all about!


Mary Ward-Callan

Every three years the IEEE brings together the regional leadership at IEEE Sections Congress. This year, we come together in the historical city of Amsterdam to inspire the leaders of tomorrow. Technical Activities (TA) has been actively involved to ensure that this Sections Congress is beneficial and engaging for our esteemed attendees. We are excited to be collaborating with MGA in order to make this Sections Congress memorable. Technical Activities has invited several of our society leadership to join the event. We have added several activities to help attendees share thoughts and ideas about the advancement of technology.  We have sponsored several events this year, some of these events include: the opening night reception dinner, TA lounge in the lobby, ignite sessions, and several breakout sessions.

My hope is that all attendees walk away from this Sections Congress much more cognizant of the IEEE Technical Activities mission to build technical communities and to effectively engage and lead the global dialogue surrounding technology. As we come together here in the Amsterdam RAI Convention Center, I hope that the attendees will take this opportunity to build strong connections and begin creating long standing relations with fellow members; start the conversations today that will continue beyond Sections Congress, tomorrow. And along the way enjoy the experience and have a little fun too!

Q&A WITH RAKESH KUMAR:  TA Sections Congress Ad-Hoc Committee Chair

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Rakesh Kumar

Q: Why is Sections Congress important (to you and to the overall IEEE community)?

A: As you know Sections Congress brings together the IEEE leaders from around the world, these are people that are primarily focused on Membership Geographic Activities and they pull together member needs in the various geographies around the world. As it turns out, about a half of the overall IEEE members belong to one or more society. Our intent here is to support Sections Congress from Technical Activities and to make members conscious of what leaders for tomorrow need to be aware of in terms of technology directions. We also want to make them aware of the kinds   of activities the technical societies engage in to benefit members.

Our ultimate goal is to have a closer synergistic relationship between TA and MGA in order to grow our membership and increase overall member satisfaction.

Q: How has TA assisted in the development/expansion of Sections Congress 2014?

A: For Sections Congress 2014, we have been involved in the program planning and the execution planning for a little over a year now. I personally serve on the program committee that is organizing the sessions. TA has staff working together and there has also been great collaboration between volunteers and staff. We are proud to be sponsoring a number of activities at Sections Congress 2014.

On the very first day, we are sponsoring the opening reception with a video presentation to highlight Technical Activities. This video will introduce all of the things Technical Activities has been involved with, as well as what our societies are doing. On the second and third days we have the several societies, councils, and communities will be exhibiting. We will also have an interactive Technical Activities lounge. Most importantly, Technical Activities is participating in all main sessions. We will participate in 16 ignite sessions that cover various aspects of topics that are of interest to the membership at large. These session topics deal with conferences, chapters, distinguished lecturers, and social media activities. Lastly, we are actively participating in 9 breakout sessions through talks that are being delivered and presented by various leaders in the field. Ultimately, Technical Activities is pleased to have been involved in all of the planning and execution for Sections Congress 2014.

 Q: What have you learned from leading the TA effort?

A: My personal opinion reinforces my thoughts that there are opportunities to work together.

These opportunities arrive when you start to think outside of the box and your own focus point. Sometimes members get consumed in their own area(s), but it helps to look to other societies and sections to collaborate with. Together we can produce conferences that are not just top of the helm but more pragmatic.

There is definitely ability for staff and volunteers to all work together between TA and MGA. The relationships are there and we can all benefit.


Dr. Jayant Baliga

The Medal of Honor recipient for this year is an individual who has a long standing and distinguished history with Technical Activities. Currently, Dr. Jayant Baliga is a member of the Electronic Device Society and serves as the the EDS J.J. Ebers Award Committee Chair, and a member of the EDS Awards Committee. 

Link to EDS Homepage:

Previous Medal of Honor Recipients:

2013- Irwin Marc Jacobs

2012- John L. Hennessy


Keynote Speaker: Luc Van den hove
Keynote Speaker: Luc Van den hove

Luc Van den Hove – General Session Speaker

Luc Van den Hove is the Chief Executive Officer and President of IMEC. Van den Hove has published more than 150 articles and made significant technical conference contributions. One of the areas in which he is a solicited speaker is nano-electronics at premier industry conferences. Luc will be speaking during the General Session on Saturday.





IEEE President

Roberto de Marca – IEEE President

Roberto de Marca is the current IEEE President.  He has a long outstanding history with Technical Activities.  Dr. de Marca was the 2000-2001 President of the IEEE Communications Society.  In 2008 he held the office of IEEE Vice President of Technical Activities.  He was elected as 2013 President Elect and served as President and CEO of IEEE in 2014.