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The IEEE Climate Change Technical Community is an interdisciplinary program focusing on climate change and the role of technology in monitoring, mitigating, and adapting. The Climate Change Program connects technology solutions with ethics, public policy, law, education, and public awareness. IEEE’s Climate Change initiatives include Education Contents and Workforce Development; Wildfire Prevention, Detection, Prediction, and Mitigation; Managing the Food-Water-Energy Nexus for Sustainable Development; and Sustainable Technologies (Circular Economy). 

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  • IEEE Life Member, Prof. Leslie Field – Working on Terrestrial Glacial Ice Preservation

    Leslie is Founder and CEO of Bright Ice Initiative, Inc. (Climate solutions), and an Adjunct Lecturer at Stanford University, where she has taught for twelve years. Her research is focused to co-develop solutions in collaboration with scientific and local indigenous experts to evaluate solutions to slow the melt in areas such as the Himalayas and Greenland, to address critical problems of water supply, flooding hazards, sea-level rise and climate change.

    I found her work very interesting and insightful. Her collaborative efforts to bring together engineers, scientists, government officials to ‘test and evaluate solutions, is very interesting. I think IEEE members and readers would resonate with the Bright Ice Initiative approach.

    If you would like to collaborate or learn more on this topic, Leslie can be reached at: [email protected] LinkedIn: and

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