IEEE Dataport™ Usage Exceeds Expectations in 2019

IEEE is pleased to share another update on the status and success of IEEE DataPort™, the valuable and easy-to-use IEEE data platform that provides all IEEE members with an opportunity to significantly enhance their research efforts.

The usage of IEEE DataPort exceeded our goals and expectations for 2019 and IEEE DataPort now has over 200,000 unique users and hosts over 1000 valuable datasets from researchers around the globe.  Based on the user feedback we have received, it is clear that this new member benefit is providing value for many reasons:

  • Datasets up to 2TB are accepted
  • All users can upload and store datasets for free
  • Datasets will be stored indefinitely
  • Each dataset receives a unique DOI
  • Datasets are citable enabling users to secure more citations for their research
  • Over 90 IEEE journals, including the new IEEE Gold Open Access Journals, are integrated with IEEE DataPort so authors can easily upload their data to IEEE
  • DataPort during the article submission process and link the data to their article
  • Users appreciate the global exposure received for their datasets on IEEE DataPort.

If you are not among the 200,000 IEEE DataPort users today, please go to to search for datasets and/or to upload your own valuable datasets.  All users are able to store datasets, make datasets accessible to others, manage their research data, and access other researcher’s datasets.  Remember, your contributions of datasets are citable, just like a paper.

Thank you to all who are already utilizing IEEE DataPort!  All members are encouraged to leverage this new member benefit to enhance your research efforts.  As an IEEE member, you are entitled to a FREE automatic subscription to IEEE DataPort, which provides you with access to all IEEE DataPort datasets.  Click here now to login to IEEE DataPort and receive a free subscription (use your IEEE account credentials).

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to the IEEE DataPort team at any time by visiting or sending an email to [email protected]


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