Enrich Your IEEE Experience with Technical Memberships

There are countless professional opportunities waiting to help  you stay technically current and connect with leading experts and colleagues in your technical field.  IEEE’s more than 50 specialized Societies, Technical Councils, and Technical Communities facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among technical professionals, connect experts both across and within disciplines and develop programs that challenge traditional technologies through novel research and applications. As an IEEE member, adding a Society, Council, or Technical Community can be low-cost or even FREE!

  • IEEE Societies: With 39 Societies to select from there is at least one Society that aligns with your specific technical area of expertise.  IEEE Society members stay technically current, network with colleagues locally and abroad, and collaborate on research projects with leading experts. Discover which IEEE Society matches your field of interest and, as an IEEE member, you will enjoy a deep discount when you join today. 
  • IEEE Councils: Bringing together groups of IEEE Societies with complementary fields of interest, IEEE Councils work together in broad areas of technology. With seven IEEE Councils to select from, IEEE members can participate in Councils at no cost when added to their Society membership.
  • IEEE Technical Communities: With more than a dozen technology areas represented, IEEE Technical Communities delve into cutting-edge fields. Participants can join these at little to no cost and get in on the ground floor of research and applications of these emerging subject areas.

Based on your technical interests, IEEE has a Technical Society, Council, or Technical Community available to facilitate networking, collaboration and keeping current on the latest research and developments. Discover which technical membership fits your professional interests.

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