Celebrate IEEE Day 2014


IEEE Day commemorates the day in 1884 in New York City, NY USA when a small group of individuals in the electrical professions gathered to share their technical ideas and form the roots of what would eventually become the IEEE. For this fifth annual celebration on 7 October, IEEE Day 2014 encourages members and volunteers in technical communities around the world to embrace the theme “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow,” and to participate in activities related to this theme. By doing this, we can, as a global community, shift our focus from today’s innovations to what we can expect and look forward to in the future.

Jacek Zurada
Dr. Jacek Zurada, 2014 Technical Activities Board Vice President, at IEEE Sections Congress 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, at the Rai Convention Center.

2014 Technical Activities Vice President Dr. Jacek Zurada, notes, I am excited about IEEE Day and its attractive value proposition to our members worldwide. It allows us to see where we are presently as the largest professional organization in the world. It encourages us to think forwardly about where we want to be in the future…IEEE sections’ activities bring together industrial members and academics in all regions of the globe.”

Some ways to do this and Get Involved with IEEE Day 2014 include:

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Past and Future Technical Activities VPs Discuss the Importance of the IEEE Community:

hebner_ieee_day_300x300Bob Hebner, 2013 Technical Activities Vice President:

“Over the last few generations, electrification has changed how we live, how we work, how we communicate, in fact nearly every facet of life – this is technology for the benefit of humanity as promised and delivered by the people of the IEEE.  And this has happened around the globe. The IEEE is where I meet, work with, and occasionally even help those who have changed the world, are changing the world, and will change the world.  The IEEE has been a foundation for my career.  It’s a place to learn and a place to help.  Working with the people of the IEEE is humbling, exhilarating, rewarding, fun, and on average awesome.”

piuri_ieee_day_300x300Vincenzo Piuri, 2015 Technical Activities Vice President:

“Scientific, technological, and application achievements obtained by IEEE members are essential for advancing industry and many application areas in our daily life, promoting the economic and social development, and spreading high well-being standards worldwide. IEEE members energize and empower the global and the local communities to shaping their future and significantly contribute to make everybody’s life better!”


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