A Message from the 2019 Technical Activities Vice President (December)

Dear Colleagues, 

I’ve recently returned from the IEEE Board Series, in Boston, MA, USA, and am pleased to share that my final Technical Activities Board (TAB) Meeting in the role of Technical Activities Vice President was both productive and energizing. I enjoyed hearing reports from 2019 TAB Ad Hoc committees, as well as from cross-collaborators within IEEE, and learning more about the tremendous work that has been done throughout the year. 

One of the highlights of the November Board Series was sharing the work of the IEEE AdHoc Committee on Membership Models and Opportunities. This AdHoc committee was created as output of the 2019 IEEE Board of Directors Strategic Planning Session and has evolved to focus on a new engagement model. 

IEEE should engage broadly and communicate more effectively with millions of users within our community about our value proposition, services, and other opportunities. While mobile platforms and smartphone apps are popular, IEEE does not currently have a complete mobile infrastructure and strategy that allows the organization to scale to engage millions of members, users, and potential members. 

To foster more effective engagement, and to better reach our technical community, I am pleased to say that the AdHoc will be working to create a new mobile infrastructure and strategy that will have:

  • An emphasis on always-online mobile presence and engagement
  • Apps with push notification for simple curated content
  • An opportunity for more user-generated content and aggregated information for easier use
  • Personalization and summarization of news feeds
  • An ability to form groups easily

Every person who “touches” IEEE will be invited to participate. These benefits will not be limited to members, but will allow us to better reach our conference attendees, publications readers, authors, and reviewers – just to name a few.

As a result, IEEE will be able to directly communicate our value proposition and benefits – anywhere, at any time, and deliver instantly what the technical community wants. Any individual wishing to know more about IEEE, technology, or humanitarian efforts will be able to engage with the depth and breadth of the organization. 

I am excited to work with my colleagues to build this mobile infrastructure for members, prospective members, and the public at large, and eager to share more about “Your Global Gateway to IEEE” as this important project progresses. 

I wish to all a happy and healthy end to 2019. 

K.J. Ray Liu

2019 Vice President, Technical Activities


  • Thanks for all your good work with IEEE TAB and the mobile infrastructure. What’s next? Best wishes to you and yours for the holidays and the new decade.

  • This great news! In 2020 I will be more active in the IEEE and I’ve been thinking a lot about using new technologies to increase participation. I’m looking forward to hearing more about developments in this area.

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